Why I Want to Join GTP?

In the period of finding a job after graduation, I have been thinking what is the most important competence I want to cultivate in my next-five-year working life, and the conclusion is to get basic understandings of various departments in a company. By doing so, I can not only build potential bridges to different destinations but also connect myself well to diverse departments no matter what my job is. Luckily, ASUS sets up the well-organized GTP, which exactly suits my desire.

GTP Courses

Thank you for my supervisors and mentors, they support me to grasp knowledge not only limit to our department, GSM, but for Sales, Accounting, Marketing and so on. In the enriching courses, we have senior speakers to deliver down-to-earth classes with their rich working experiences and organized materials combined. As a newcomer in ASUS, and also a newcomer in technology industry, I feel quite difficult to digest expertise. However, I can catch gist much easier because speakers try their best to complement suitable examples and GTP partners always discuss with each other after classes. Joining GTP is like living in senior high school again. We share lives and grow up together.

In my opinion, the most special part of GTP is that we are asked to deeply read classic books, then participate in lectures integrated by experienced supervisors and reading club. Day by day, we have thoroughly absorbed masters’ wisdom and have transformed it as our nutrition for the future.

Current and Future

Although the GTP courses are basically sale-oriented, I believe we CSC members still regard them as add-point learning to our job. Especially when I move to back-end on-job training, prior courses help me see broader viewpoint on my assignments. For example, it is easier to think from different perspectives and needs in each department, so CSC can further provide exact support. Besides, it is easier to know the overall running process, from product kick-off to EOL, R&R as well as functions in certain periods, so CSC can speed up the whole rundown by looking for right backup.

Throw back to the recruiting process, the interview atmosphere was unique because it was run impressively relaxing while professional questions asked. It gave me such a fantastic impression of ASUS. I am eager to have challenging tasks in the light working environment. And now, after almost four months, I still cherish and enjoy the enchanting working style of my team, tight schedule full of difficult assignments, but full of laughters as well.

Thank you for ASUS and GTP, giving me the chance to fulfill the wishes for an expected job. I have learnt a lot and met outstanding partners in the company, at the same time, life-long friends. GSM is a challenging but worth exploring position. I feel how lively and fast-rapid technology industry is as a GSM every day. I am immersed with the new things and lessons encountered as a GSM. For sure, there is no answer to how much I can learn from this position so far, so keep digging it out!


If you compare a sales image coming from your mind with Asus sales, you will find out they are totally different; moreover, it could be obviously to differ which one is better and more challenging. Global Talent Program (GTP) gives us a wide view and opportunities to see how to manage a market by product, price, promotion, place and service with international thinking and managing. If you look closely at each topic, you will see the great insights and knowledges inside with years of experience and strategic thinking. Those are the values we can see and touch in our daily working day.

With over 50+ courses, I find out how those knowledges I learned before work in real markets: How to analyze a market, What product should we plan, What price is competitive and reasonable, How to manage the channels, How to deal with customers, What promotion we can do in channels and etc. All these facts are we can see the results but what is important is the “WHY” behind all these faces. That is what we need to learn and generate the concept and sensitivity in our mind. To make us prepared, we need to learn these theoretical things and turn them into practical guidelines to help us understand what is going on and what move ASUS do right now in the market.

To get closed to real market, we have chance to join TW sales team to see what their daily works are. As a brand company, we need to know what is going on at the market so that we can do reaction quickly and maintain our business. At end users, we have to cooperate with dealers to see the reaction from customers about the experience, price, products and anything they want to tell us. Not to mention we still have to know other info about other competitors. On the other hand, we have to control the supply chain in each sector; factories, distributors and dealers. As ASUS sales, we not only have to understand each player but also need to know how to cooperate and control them. This is truly a practical training for us to absorb these things in short time.

The other challenge of ASUS GTP is expatriate job. As an international brand company, ASUS have over 60 branches WW and each country is an opportunity for us. If you want to be a sales, ASUS; if you want to be a B2C sales, ASUS; if you want to be an international B2C sales, ASUS is the best choice. Join GTP and shine your future.


ASUS is a worldwide brand which strives to become the world’s most admired leading enterprise in the new digital era. To achieve our goal, we need talents that well-understand the mission and culture of ASUS, and then represent ASUS to influence others and expand our global business. That’s why ASUS initiated the Global Talent Program. I felt lucky to be enrolled in GTP so that I can acquire capability and skills to be an international representative.

The training roadmap of GTP is clear and organized. We learnt courses from six dimensions: product knowledge, sales fundamental, marketing, channel management, supply chain management, and company culture. Some of the courses are theoretical, for example, we need to know basic knowledge of marketing and international trading terms to understand how people do business. Later when we’re more familiar with the outline of doing business in IT industry, our trainers would focus on case studying and practical experiences sharing more. One of the reasons that I recommend you to join ASUS is that all of our colleagues, trainers, and mentors are willing to share what they know to new-comers. In my opinion, when you ask, you actually learn more than you could’ve known.

Besides taking courses, GTP elaborately designed some activities to help us link the knowledge we learnt to work, including case studying, sales dry run, introducing company profile…and so on. Although all of the activities are under tight schedule, but as the saying goes: Pressure makes diamonds. We enjoyed brain-storming with others, and tried to show the best idea to everyone. In the end, we all felt that we’re different than we used to be, we became more confident and have passion in what we do.

Nevertheless, we also have opportunities to walk out of the classroom and experience the dynamic of the ‘real world’. This includes field surveys to digital plaza, computer exhibition and mass merchandisers. At Computer Applications Show held at Taipei Trade Center, we even have chance to role-play as ASUS sales representative. From this special experience, we can not only learn selling tips but also understand what our end-users really care for when purchasing computers. This is a good experience of standing in others’ shoes because we have to provide what’s best for our end-users to win their mindshare.

Furthermore, weekly meeting with sales teams and distributors also allow us to get a glimpse of the decision making process in the IT industry. By discussing with our business partners, we could know how much stock dealers should keep for their appropriate stock level. Also, we could try to think and tackle with all of the problems that our customer encountered so that we could give customer better solution in business. In GTP, we are able to combine the knowledge we learn in class and link it with different market context.

After three months of GTP training, I felt more capable to accept bigger challenge, which is working abroad as a Country Product Manager. Now it’s your time to realize your dream, to work overseas, and to have a global view. Join GTP, if you want to see the world with a global perspective and make real changes on a global stage.


Entering Asus means entering global stage for me. From first day on board till today, I am constantly surprised by the scale business is done here, the complexity of handling different order situations, and the market ups-and-downs due to various cultural backgrounds. Three months ago, I was a college graduate with international exposure: I had travelled around the world, studied in a foreign country and learned second foreign language; Now, I am a career freshman with international involvements: I will be travelling around the world again, working in foreign countries and using most influential lingua franca, the dollar, to communicate with all counterparts located in Europe, middle east and Africa. So, here I am, taking part in this dynamic business world.

Asus slogan is “In Search of Incredible.” Not only is the company in search of most incredible product innovations, it’s in search of the most incredible individuals to join the company. From the 3 month long training program, I can definitely feel that this company is putting its every effort to nourish the newly employed. Me along with all the new comers, we went through 60+ lectures, hundreds of hours of courses, so we can understand the company better from its cultures to our CPM/TPM specific functions; We also had numerous online and offline resources so we can keep sharpening our skills, for example, we had online Asuschool, which allows me to revise all the concepts I am not familiar with, furthermore, the Human Resource department also maintains a dedicated website allowing us to share and interact with colleagues at ease, learning pace was intense but easy; Offline back in the office, we had mentors taking care of our daily lives and ensure freshmen blend into the office smoothly, their assistance within and without work made me more joyful while adapting to a whole new environment.

The most memorable stages within the 3 month were our involvements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Taipei and Asus Golden Partner on site internship.

During the CES show, we had to join the frontline sales force to encourage end users to buy our products. It was the time we could make great use of our knowledge on Asus products, and persuade customers to buy our products tailored to their needs. My sales skill was polished and I could clearly understand how our features become benefits in user’s day to day usage.

As to the Asus Golden Partner on site intern, I joined the frontend operation of those AGP dealers, and observed their sales and fulfillment process. Beforehand, I acquired those supply chain management details in class, everything seems easy and can be arranged smoothly, however it wasn’t until I really got into the real business could I understands all sorts of fluctuations and unpredictable occurring throughout the procedure. Textbook knowledge became lively and I felt myself actually involved in a giant industry, alongside with interactions among conglomerates.

In short, I truly believe this Global Talent Program is worthwhile for top talent students to join; it was a very fruitful and enriching.


If you are a person looking for a lot of challenges, wishing for a global stage, having a passion for IT industry, or desiring to dedicate to a Taiwanese brand. GTP program is a perfect fit for you!

You won’t believe how fast and much you can learn from an intensive 3 month program. Through the courses, we learned the concepts and skills varying from supply chain, channel marketing, product knowledge, sales kit and so on. I am so impressed how seniors and managers from different departments dedicate to the program and willing to share their experience and expertise without reservation. Their endeavor to cultivate young talents and determination to make ASUS the world’s most admired leading enterprise in the new digital era inspires me.

Apart from in-door courses, personally the most exciting and influential part of GTP program is the Taiwan sales team internship. Through the precious internship experience, we can have a close look of how these skills are applied in real jobs and the difference between theory and practice. We follow mentors to every meeting, from weekly internal meeting to regular meet-up with customers. During the process, we learned how to effectively communicate with partners and achieve business targets by constantly brainstorming.

After the one-moth internship, there is a final examination that helps us to reflect what we have learned so far. More importantly, it is a good opportunity to show our own point of view toward a specific account or channel. Once again, I was touched by how Asus values the GTP, and how many resources were put in the program. All managers in sales department spared their precious time, attended to the event and kindly giving useful advices. When I looked back, even with countless difficulties and questions I encountered in order to offer a feasible proposal, nothing can be compared to the sense of achievement you can earn from it.

Because GTP program is an extremely challenging and solid program, I can never finish it without receiving the encouragement from seniors and more importantly, support from a group of passionate and talented fellows. After whole program finished, friendship within GTPs has been strengthened. How lucky of me to have an opportunity to work with people have the same aspiration.

Now, the program is finished and the brand new journey begins. With Asus’s core values and all the expertise learned from the program, I am ready for the new challenges in the world stage!

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